Growing Welllness Business Plan 2019_Fin

The Kohl’s Keeping Kids Healthy Program delivers engaging education programs to K-12 schools throughout the region. We are happy to design interactive education programs to meet your school's needs. 

All of our programs are delivered by qualified professionals, including nutritionists and nurse educators. Using best practice strategies and qualified resources, including USDA, we present the most up-to-date guidelines on nutrition and physical activity.  Programs are hands-on and can include: food tastings, cooking demonstrations, take-away educational materials and can include an evaluation component.

We can customize a program to meet your needs such as:

- School-wide assemblies

- School-wide health and wellness days

- Classroom presentations

- PTA- focused presentations

Our most popular offerings include:


MyPlate Program: Pre-K and young students learn serving sizes and what a healthful meal looks like. Participants create their own reusable placemat.

- Ready, Set, Shop and Grow: a K-3 interactive program to identify healthful food items and "shop" at a pop-up grocery store.

- "GROW" (Growing Real Opportunities Through Wellness):  a K-6 hands-on program where students learn health benefits that come from vegetables and herbs. Each student plants their own seedling to take home.